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OncoWell, LLC was formed in 2012 to focus on providing supplementary treatments for patients undergoing cancer treatments. The founders, through their experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing generic pharmaceuticals products, were increasingly aware of the unmet patient need for products and services for cancer patients to support their wellness during periods of treatments and enhance the likelihood of successful completion of those treatments. OncoWell’s objective is to provide products directly to patients and information and connections for patients to appropriate service providers and support organizations.

OncoWell’s first product, OncoWell CE is a concentrated enzyme product based on the enzyme formula used in the experiments of the experiments of Professor Wolf in New York in the mid 20th century on the treatment of cancer patients. OncoWell CE is targeted at supporting patient wellness during periods of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. OncoWell CE has a long history, under the names Wobe Mucos®E and Wobe Mucos®NEM, of patient trials and usage in Western Europe. OncoWell CE is available for purchase in the USA without prescription from December 2012 directly from www.OncoWell.com.

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